Welcome to the FCI website. Learn about our state of the art PDC Drill Bits and PDC Hole Openers. Our talented team manufactures and repairs PDC Drill Bits and Hole Openers that will outperform and last longer than any other out in the industry today.

Ask our sales team which PDC Drill Bit or PDC Hole Opener will be the most cost effective for the job you are on. Please search the site and if you have any questions, give us a call. 817-561-5040 We are here to help you!


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10 Reasons why PDC Bits are better than Tri-cone Bits:

1. Faster drilling and better performance
2. Triple the rate of penetration
3. You will never lose a cone in the hole
4. Thousands of hours of bit life
5. Thousands of dollars of fuel savings
6. Shorter time on the job
7. Employees work less, which means more money in your pocket
8. Less wear and tear on your rig
9. Less competition in bidding your next job, because we are changing the way you operate
10. Rebuilds are less than 5% of original cost


what we do at FCI

FCI is an international wholesale drill bit supply company. We serve the water well, geothermal, mining, oil and gas industries. Our customers are independent drillers, national and international drilling companies as well as national oil companies. Our different lines of PDC Drill Bits and repair services enable operators to lower costs, or improve productivity during activities directly related to drilling.

Our company is dedicated to customer service; we work with our customers both new and old to ensure that they are using the right bit.

Both in the United States and Canada, our continued vision is to be the drilling provider of choice through conducting business with honesty, integrity and professionalism.
Sonny Beauchamp, President First Corp International / Diamond Drilling Industries

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