04-06-2015 100 holes and counting

One of our customers brought in one of our #PDCBits today. He was very happy with it's performance. He said that it has been used to drill 100 holes. Outstanding job team!! No pictures this time, but we will get the next one. Stay tuned for all your DDI #PDCBit & #PDCHoleOpener news! read more

13-05-2015 Bit Repairs

Is it time to get your PDC Drill Bit and/or PDC Hole Opener repaired? read more

06-05-2015 It's time to get your PDC Bits!

What do you think about this weather? Ready to drill? Do you have your PDC Drill Bits and Hole Openers yet? Give us a call and one of our sales team will help you find the right bit for your job to save you time and money. We Promise! We Deliver!! We Care!!! http://ddibits.com 817-561-5040 ?#?PDCDrillBits? ?#?PDCHoleOpeners? read more

07-04-2015 New Volcano Bits!

Check out our new design on our DDI Volcano PDC Hole Opener. read more

03-04-2015 New Videos Coming Soon

We will have 2 new videos on Monday! #PDCBits #PDCHoleOpeners read more

03-04-2015 April Sales so good, they're MIND BLOWING!

Biggest Sale of the Year! Storms & Volcanos on sale for the month of April read more

10-03-2015 Check out our Media Center

Be sure to check out our videos on our #PDCBits #PDCHoleOpeners to see how efficient they are. read more

24-02-2015 Just a few days left!!

Our DDI Storm PDC Bit sale will be ending on the 1st of March. Don't miss out on these great deals! read more

13-02-2015 A Storm is Coming!

DDI Storms will be on sale starting Monday! read more

28-01-2015 UCT Conference & Expo

Come see us January 27th-29th in Houston at the UCT Conference & Expo. read more

28-01-2015 The UCT 2015 Show Stopper Award Goes To.... Diamond Drilling Industries

We Won the UCT 2015 Show Stopper Award for best display at the show. read more

09-01-2015 New Year Specials

New Year Specials! All Bits On Sale!! Call us for these great prices! 817-561-5040 #PDCDrillBits #PDCHoleOpeners read more

30-12-2014 UCT Conference & Exhibition

We will be at the UCT Conference & Expo January 27-29 in Houston, Texas. Be sure to come by and talk to us, see our PDC Drill Bits & PDC Hole Openers. read more

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