6 1/2″ HS513R5

Size (inch)

Size (mm)

Body Material

Cutter Size


Gauge Protection

Shank Length

3 3/8

Body Length

7 1/4

Make Up Torque

5200-5700 ft-lbs

Pin Connection

3 7/8 API Regular




Soft to Medium

Blade Count

Cutter Count

Gauge Cutters

Jet Nozzles

5 Removable Jet Nozzles


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HEATWAVE® (Steel body PDC bits) – Directional PDC Drill Bit

DDI Heatwave® line of Steel body PDC bits offers performance and efficiency in a wide range of drilling applications. These bits use a specially tested combination of geometry profiles and materials to provide customers with the most economical and efficient option to drill their bores.