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DDI Volcano® line of Steel body PDC bits offers performance and efficiency in a wide range of formations from soft, medium to hard. We can custom build your hole opener to any size, pin connections, number of blades and cutter sizes.

Spec Sheet

Product Type Volcano
Bit Model VS516R20
Size (inch) 18
Size (mm) 457.20
Body Material Forged Steel
Blade Count 5
Push/Pull Push
Cutter Size 16x13
Cutter Type Diamond Cylinder
Gauge Protection Impregnated Diamonds
Make Up Torque 5200 - 5700 ft-lbs
Weight on Bit 200 - 2000 lbs/in., diameter
Pin Connection Front 3 1/2" API Regular , 4 1/2" API Regular
Pin Connection Rear 3 1/2" API Regular , 4 1/2" API Regular
RPM 50-300
Formation Soft to Medium
Shipping Weight 340 lbs.

The combination of Hard Facing and PDC cutters arrangement ensure these bits offer the best possible fusion of durability and maximum ROP. *Also available in Matrix Bodies.

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