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20-09-2016 Diamond Drilling Industries 2016

From our vast inventory of products, an unprecedented number of services we offer, to examples of our bits being used for all kinds of purposes and industries all over the world; this is Diamond Drilling Industries in 2016! Want to learn all about the future of the drilling industry? Here's what you need to know to get a step ahead of your competition with us, DDI. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

13-07-2016 Quality Test

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16-06-2016 DDI is revolutionizing the Mud Motor industry!

07-06-2016 Join us in the future!

31-05-2016 Amazing deals on 12 1/4" PDC Re-Runs from Diamond Drilling Industries!

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11-05-2016 Now Hiring at Diamond Drilling Industries!

14-01-2016 PDC Hole Opener

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29-09-2015 ICUEE Expo

The ICUEE Expo starts today and goes through October 1st. It is held in Louisville, Kentucky. We will be in booth K237. Come on out and see our PDC Drill Bits and PDC Hole Openers. Ou reps will be there to talk about our DDI Tsunami, Storm, Lightning, Cyclone and Volcano bits. Also be able to talk about the repair service we provide. For those that stop by and visit, we will have giveaways and a drawing for a chance to win a Samsung 60" flat screen TV. For more information on the ICUEE Expo visit

27-08-2015 Our Future - Statement from the President of DDI/FCI

Our Future
Both in the United States and Canada, our continued vision is to be the drilling provider of choice through conducting business with honesty, integrity and professionalism.

DDI will continue to utilize our expertise in the drilling industry and employ the most sophisticated technologies available to provide our clients with superior products and services.

We will continue to invest in our most valuable asset, our people. Providing continuing education and a work environment that is both safe and rewarding, we will carry on the dedication and ingenuity that makes DDI the industry leader and an Icon for the future.

Sonny Beauchamp, President
First Corp International / Diamond Drilling Industries

13-08-2015 Experience the Difference

Experience the Difference of PDC Bits! Call us today at 817-561-5040 or visit to learn more. ?#? PDCBits? ?#? PDCDrillBits? ?#? PDCHoleOpeners? ?#? Tsunami? ?#? Storm? ?#? Lightning? ?#? Cyclone? ?#? Volcano? ?#? DDI?

10 Reasons why PDC Bits are better than Tri-cone Bits:

1. Faster drilling and better performance

2. Triple the rate of penetration

3. You will never lose a cone in the hole

4. Thousands of hours of bit life

5. Thousands of dollars of fuel savings

6. Shorter time on the job

7. Employees work less, which means more money in your pocket

8. Less wear and tear on your rig

9. Less competition in bidding your next job, because we are changing the way you operate

10. Rebuilds are less than 5% of original cost

07-08-2015 Diamond Drilling Industries / First Corp. International to be at the ICUEE Show

Come out and see us, our PDC Bits and our PDC Hole Openers at the ICUEE Show From September 29th through October 1st. You don't wan tot miss this event or stopping by our booth to find out more about these awesome PDC Bits and Hole Openers. We will be giving out prizes and have a drawing for an awesome give-a-way.

06-08-2015 DDI Trademark

DDI has been officially registered as a trademark of First Corp International since July 21st, 2015. Enter text here

29-07-2015 Storm Sale this Week

Storm sale going on through August 1st! Call 817-561-5040 for more details! ?#? PDCDrillBits?

21-07-2015 PDC Volcano Bits

Th e DDI Volcano PDC hole opener offers an improved process for enlarging and cleaning the pre drilled pilot hole for future installation of (including but not limited to) gas pipeline, waterline, sewer line, telecom products, etc. The DDI Volcano PDC hole opener is a drill bit that can either be pulled or pushed, while being rotated, by an HDD drilling rig through the predrilled pilot bore. As the drilling rig rotates the bit, the PDC cutters scrape and cut the rock formation. As the PDC cutters shear the rock, nozzle ports that are installed in the junk slots of the bit are situated in a specific configuration that allows the drilling rig to pump drilling fluid through, thereby flowing the rock cuttings back to the surface.

Rate of penetration (ROP) is always a major issue for boring contractors. Low ROP (for example, 3 to 5 ft per hour) is primarily a result of the high compressive strength of the highly overburdened formations. Initially, the tri-cone bits with hardened inserts used for drilling hard formations at shallower depths were applied as wells went deeper. However, at deeper depths it is harder to know when a tri-cone bit’s bearings have failed, a situation that can occur more frequently when more weight is applied to the bit in a deep well. This can lead to timely failures, lost cones, more frequent trips, higher costs and lower overall rates of penetration. A PDC drill bit can triple the rate of penetration due to extended hours of bit life, no moving components, less wear and tear on rigs.

In addition to the increased rate of penetration, the DDI Volcano PDC Hole Opener/Reamer solves several other major issues that HDD drillers continually face:

Loss of Cone Cutters Down Hole

• _It is a common occurrence for drillers to lose cones from their tri-cone reamers. This happens for a variety of reasons. Whether it is poor construction of the tool, overuse or other extenuating circumstances, cone loss is a constant and looming threat. Having this happen on a bore can be catastrophic. This causes the need for the drilling company to either fish out the lost cone, and in some cases, start the bore again from scratch. All of this is done at the cost of the drilling company.

• _Since there are no moving components on the DDI Volcano PDC Hole Opener/Reamer, there is nothing to break and fall off down hole.

Fuel Usage

• _The longer a drilling company spends on a jobsite and more support vehicles that are needed, fuel costs can soar into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. A bit with a slow rate of penetration only elongates the duration a drilling company spends onsite.

• _Recent figures have shown a 40 to 60 percent fuel savings while running the DDI Volcano PDC Hole Opener/Reamer. The faster rate of penetration, the greater the fuel savings.

Labor and Housing Costs

• _Both labor and housing costs follow the same logic as in the fuel usage example. The longer a company spends on a job, the more their labor and housing costs.

• _If a company can shave days or weeks off of their job, the savings are enormous.

With no moving parts, PDC Bits and PDC Hole Openers can be used in a variety of conditions without the fear of losing cones or parts in the hole. They can be custom manufactured and are available in a wide range of size and thread combinations to meet specific project requirements.

The advantages of using a PDC Bit and PDC Hole opener include:

• Better Performance

• Smoother Drill Operation

• Integral Design

• No Weld-On Components

• No Moving Parts

Call us today at 817-561-5040 to get more information or to purchase your Volcano today!

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17-07-2015 New Office Coming to Okotoks Alberta Canada In the Fall

CALGARY DOWNTOWN NEW OFFICE DEVELOPMENT South Corp International Inc. Opening a new Office in Oktokos Alberta this fall Okatoks has been thriving in recent years, driven by dramatic growth in the oil industry along with a growing preference for living downtown. Activity has been robust across both the residential and commercial sectors, while also providing an impetus for the corresponding infrastructure required to support this growth. Calgary Alberta has built six new Class AA office towers with an aggregate 5.3 million SF of space have been completed since the financial crisis, vacancy rates are hovering near historical lows. This is particularly true of Class AA space, where there are few large blocks of space available. The shortage of space has prompted the next construction cycle which will begin in the third quarter of 2014 and end in the fourth quarter 2017. Assuming projects are completed on time, Calgary’s downtown office market will be the recipient of six buildings with 4.7 million SF of office space over little more than a two and a half-year span. For comparative purposes, this equates to 12.0% of the existing downtown office stock.

06-07-2015 Christmas in July!

It's Christmas in July! Going on from now until July 15th our 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 blade 12 1/4" PDC Bits and our 5 & 6 blade 8 1/2" PDC Bits are on SALE! Call 817-561-5040 to get your bit today! #ChristmasInJuly #PDCBit #PDCDrillBit #Sale

04-06-2015 100 holes and counting

One of our customers brought in one of our #PDCBits today. He was very happy with it's performance. He said that it has been used to drill 100 holes. Outstanding job team!! No pictures this time, but we will get the next one. Stay tuned for all your DDI #PDCBit & #PDCHoleOpener news! Contact one of our reps at 817-561-5040 today to get you the right #PDCDrillBits or #PDCHoleOpeners for you.

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